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Design entire homes

This product is not fully developed yet...


But be part of the creation!

We help coach you during the process, where we provide tangible tools and tips about how we work and take on a project.

We provide you with templates for mood boards and budgets, as well as how we think about common thread, layout, color schemes, etc.


This package includes 3 digital reconciliations and we review how far you have come since the last time.


Telephone meeting 45 min - Target image

We will go through your home today and see what your needs are and what your goals are. We give tips on how you can work to achieve a target image through practical tips.

After the meeting, you will receive a template for a needs analysis that will help you write down your needs. You also get a template to start your mood board in keynote or powerpoint.

This will help you to:

- Create a visual target image

- Create a floor plan for the home that clearly shows which products are needed.

Telephone meeting 2 - 45 min - Products and materials. 

- We go through what you have worked on and we give tips on how it can be developed further.

- We go through how you develop concrete products that fit your target image.

- We talk about how you choose colors, materials and fabrics that are in line with your target image.   


Telephone meeting 3 - 45 min - Reconciliation before purchase

 - We go through your list and we get the opportunity to screw up any details.

- We look over the target picture and see if we are following the plan or if something has changed.

- We see if there are other comparable products that approach the vision or other purchase points.  


Our design process is developed over a long time and many projects. We clearly notice that when we work in a structured way with goals and vision from the beginning, all decisions become better during the journey. 


In this service, you use all our knowledge in the process and we help you create your dream in a cost-effective way. 


  • Expert consultations - use our way of thinking to tackle design from scratch. 

  • Exclusive access to templates that save you a lot of work to think of everything yourself from scratch.

  • Personal coaching gives you a personal home. 



  • ​Template for needs analysis 

  • 3 telephone reconciliations (Teams/zoom)

  • Template for mood board


SEK 7,000.  

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