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Do you have an environment that needs to strengthen itsidentity?

Detaljer som skapar en helhet. 

Välkommen till Greydeco Interiors.

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About Greydeco Interiors

A room's identity is nothing more than the sum of hundreds of small decisions and choices of furniture, colors, lighting, materials, etc. Every single decision can be perceived as critical. We are the interior design agency that simplifies these decisions with you, to create the design you dreamed of.
We inspire with oneblog, we push the boundaries of what you thought was possible and hold your hand all the way.

With the experience of creating hundreds of environments with a unique identity, we are the decorators who help you create the interior design identity that suits your needs.

So welcome to GreyDeco. We are excited to be on your journey. Start by reading a little hand-fasttip, grab itImmediately, Read about which services suit youinterior design at home orinterior design workplace or contact us directly to start the journey towards a new identity immediately. 


Fredrik Bergström och Elin Bergström Greydeco Interiors

Så välkommen till GreyDeco. Vi är exalterade att vara med på din resa. Börja med att läs lite handfasta tips, ta tag i det direkt, Läs om vilka tjänster som passar dig inredning hemma eller inredning arbetsplats eller kontakta oss direkt för att starta igång resan mot ny identitet direkt. 

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We are convinced that a room and an environment have an identity that has the power to influence the people who are in it. Just by looking at the design of an environment, you can imagine which people stay in it, what clothes they wear, how they talk, what product they sell and what customers appear there.

For us, this identity is stronger than a state that is undergoing change and formation. The identity is permanent and will always be there to be the roots in the environment. Bad weather and a bad market can never erase the identity of the room. 

For those who have an environment that needs to strengthen their identity. What feelings do you want to create in the room? Who do you want to be loved by? What values do you want to convey with the design?  


A process you can start all by yourself to strengthen your identity and create an interior design concept:


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För dig som har en miljö som behöver stärka sin identitet. Vilka känslor vill du skapa i rummet? Vem vill du bli älskad av? Vilka värden vill du förmedla med designen?  


En process ni kan påbörja helt själva för att stärka er identitet och skapa ett inredningskoncept:


Throw up crazy ideas.
Always start by dreaming about what your dream environment looks like.

Go ahead and thin

which ideas are the best and why?

Push the boundaries

Continue to work with the ideas and think about the feelings these ideas evoke. 

Test the identity

Make sure you have about 3 pictures in front of you. How do the people look in the environment? How do they act and talk? Are they happy, creative, welcoming, stimulated?

Make it practical

How do you make it a reality? Create a shopping list and budget.

Make the hard choices

The simple and quick choices create a simple identity. Push the boundaries and dare to make the difficult decisions for a memorable identity and design.

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Elin Bergström Greydeco


Elin Bergström

Obsessed with interior design and its shape and colors. Lands mostly in function and natural materials when I put my personal stamp.

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Fredrik Bergström inredare
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Fredrik Bergström

Driven by design and creating new concepts. Love new challenges in varying rooms and environments.


Linnea Strandberg greydeco

Linnea Strandberg

Design classic in a new vintage with a big twist. All environments are exciting when there is room for edgy harmony.

Sandra Bjerkhede Greydeco

Linnea Strandberg

Design classic in a new vintage with a big twist. All environments are exciting when there is room for edgy harmony.

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