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Design entire homes

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Create the home you dream of without stress with our help. 

This service will provide the right conditions to create your personal home efficiently and safely through our process.  

The design process, which we divide into modules from concept to completion on site, is for you who are looking for a personal home and selected design that suits you and your wishes. 

During the process, we focus on completion through the various modules to be on the right track throughout the service.  


This suits you who have lived in your home for a short time and have not had time to get everything in place or are prepared to make a major transformation. You appreciate solid design and are faced with a lot of different choices to put together a whole in the home. You probably lack time and are prepared to push the boundaries with our suggestions to create the home you dreamed of. 


Module 1 – Vision and concept: Personalized design concept and style to bring your vision to reality. This becomes the basis of a well-designed environment. We begin with a needs analysis followed by a start-up meeting. 

  • Design consultation and conceptualization. It takes time to create a concept and style that holds together and becomes a well-designed environment. 

  • We develop a style and concept in a mood board that is adapted to your vision and budget.

  • floor plan for the room clearly shows which products are needed.


Module 2 - Interior design and furniture suggestions: Access to carefully selected furnishings saves you time looking for the right furniture. 

  • Furniture suggestions personally adapted to the vision and concept makes your home unique.

  • Colours, fabric and materials


Module 3 – Purchasing and project management:Stress-free and efficient purchasing process.

  • Budget and cost control. Enjoy stress-free coordination of budget and cost-effective options.

  • Purchasing and project management.Quality control provides security in a well-chosen end product.  


Module 4 – Completion and follow-up

  • Delivery and coordination. Deliveries are received and collected for a stress-free process where we take care of the details.

  • Completion. Professional help to place the interior will help you get the whole thing fully furnished.  


  • Needs analysis 

  • Start-up meeting on site 

  • Furniture suggestions 

  • Follow-up meeting 

  • Product proposal 

  • Follow-up meeting 

  • Purchasing 

  • Receiving deliveries 

  • Completing 

  • Follow-up meeting 


SEK 35,000 for a room. 

+ additional room 9,000


If you are facing the needs and are interested in this service, we will be happy to contact you for an unconditional conversation to see if we can match each other in this offer.  

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