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Position: Decorator 


Greydeco is an interior design agency that furnishes homes and public environments. 

We are now looking for a decorator who wants to be part of our team to decorate homes for sale. 


We are a small agency and furnish exclusive homes for sale in Gothenburg. The assignments are many and we always strive to present homes better today than yesterday. This places high demands on us, which we think our customers should also have. An important deal for our customers and an honor for us to help them with it. 

We are growing in several directions and are looking for someone who has a good sense of design and wants to learn commercial interior design from scratch. You grow as a project manager and work with talented decorators in a team.

Your weekday

You are responsible for an assignment from first customer contact to completed work. You plan and create a unique style for a home that is going up for sale.  

The role involves many balls in the air and hard work down to the smallest detail to create the best interior design possible. 

Our work process is the same for a small assignment as for a large project that extends over a year. It is the same moment that takes place and it is in the smaller assignments that quick decisions need to be made that make a big difference in the end result.

Who are you?

You are a stylish and creative person who is driven by varied work. You are curious about learning new things. You are handy and like to create interior design and can easily take on new tasks independently.


You are passionate about home design. 

You have a B driving licence. 

Education doesn't hurt, but nothing that is highly valued by us. Curiosity and feeling to create the best possible design will help you more in this position.  



Why should you work with us at GreyDeco?

With us, you have the chance to be completely independent and we love and expect your own initiative with all that that entails. We are the interior design agency with high ambitions and high demands and expectations of ourselves. We challenge ourselves in our everyday life and dream of bigger challenges tomorrow. We have ambitions to be the industry leader in terms of interior design trends. You have a role to help us create the conditions to achieve that. 

Position: permanent employment.


Access: As soon as possible

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