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Create a Scandinavian home

In order to create homes to enjoy and succeed with the interior design, harmony is required. Regardless of style and feel, we dare to say that harmony should be a guiding light to create a well-thought-out design. To achieve this, the following advice can be useful as a starting point. Creating a mood board works for many but is not always the best. The important thing is to have a well-thought-out idea with the interior design. We often start from common denominators when creating interior design concepts.

1. Create a vision and goal.

A target image is always good to start from and come back to during the process. It can of course change when new information and inspiration comes to light :)

2. Listen to your needs.

Who will be staying in the rooms? What will the surfaces be used for? Is it permanent or will it change over time? What do you like to do in the rooms? and be completely honest here. How often do you read a book? How often do you have guests over for dinner?

3. Create a common thread.

Regardless of whether the goal is a home with many different impressions or a quiet oasis free from impressions and just relaxation, a common thread is needed. It can be a color palette that returns (because it is the target image) or that it deliberately breaks off in different rooms. Don't leave it to chance, but include it in the target picture from the beginning. Write down or create a mood board to collect these thoughts.

4. Decide on a material mix.

Choose materials that harmonize with each other. If there is, for example, built-in furniture made of wood in a room, a good trick is to reuse the same material in neighboring rooms. If materials are mixed, create the same mix in all surfaces.

5. Decide on a mix of forms and shapes.

It's easy to forget when colors and materials are chosen that it's actually a lot about the shapes of the interior. This can be advantageously weighed into the common thread as well. Check so that the chosen interior harmonizes in the design language to create a harmony.


Låt oss hjälpa dig med nästa projekt

Har du ett kontor som behöver uppdateras? Vi gör inredningsprojekt där vi designar från grunden vid en flytt eller en mindre uppdatering vid nya behov.


Kika på våra olika lösningar för att förvandla ditt hem till den dröm du tänkt. Det sker antingen genom en fullservice där vi gör allt eller genom ett coachningprogram där du själv gör jobbet och vi coachar. 

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